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Charity Bike Rides organises and promotes cycling challenges in which riders can raise funds to support good causes.
Not all the causes and projects featured on this website will be registered charities.

[charity in this context refers to an act of helping other people or beings]
Causes and projects will soon be added, however, for now a project is included that is special to the people at Charity Bike Rides: 

Bikes4Africa 500wide

Thousands of African children live in remote rural communities, long distances from their nearest school. 
Children can have walks of up to 3 hours each way to reach their school.  Without reliable and affordable motorised transport the only way these children can get to school is to walk.  In searing heat, their journey to school on foot, every day, is an epic mission.
For thousands of other children a journey to school by foot is inconceivable.

By delivering bicycles for students' use to schools in Africa, the Bikes4Africa Project will change many thousands of lives. 
The uplift in opportunities, skills, aspirations and employment will be permanent. 

Bikes4Africa's mission: to change lives through education, by enabling children in Africa to get to school - by bike.