Sunday 20 June 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


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The Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on all our lives and, for some, that effect is nothing short of unimaginable.  It is because of that,  that we, at Charity Bike Rides, want to see something rescued

- if possible - from the wreckage caused by this pandemic.

We have decided to make the Ride event available to anyone who wishes to ride it - subject to conditions prevailing at the time - and

for the following reasons.

  • To stand in solidarity - people working together for common good 

  • To raise much needed Charity funds - by spearheading a campaign

The people most at risk and vulnerable in our Society are those assisted or cared for by all our Charities.  With the economy and life itself turned upside down, Charity funds and the ability of Charities to operate - even at the most basic level - have been severely affected.  

So, if you like us, wish to see something rescued from the wreckage, this is what we are planning in outline detail.

There are places for JUST 13 Teams in this Covid Breakout Ride


  • The Ride will go ahead on the due date - subject to, subject to...

  • Team Riders [4max a Team] will be from the SAME household only

  • There is no Entry Fee

  • The original Terms and Conditions are suspended

  • Riders will be asked to abide by Codes of Conduct, to be issued  

  • Places are limited and awarded on a 1st come/1st served basis

  • CBR will organise and orchestrate the Ride

  • CBR will provide the route in digital and printed form

  • CBR will handle Ride Check-In remotely, as originally described


  • There will however be limited Ride support from us on the day

  • There may or may not be supporting Marshals

  • Teams will need to provide their own support and resources

  • The Ride format includes for Teams providing a Team Car

  • The Team Car acts as the Riders' support vehicle

  • The Start place is Putney with times and precise places staggered

  • Stage Points and Switching Points will be at Riders' discretion

  • The Finish point currently remains unchanged

  • Each Team will be supported in their fundraising by their Charity

  • Teams will be promoted by their Charity to maximise fundraising

On the basis that public restrictions and advice are no more severe than it is at the time of writing, then the Ride will go ahead.


The Covid Breakout Ride is not a celebration Ride

It is not a FUN Ride

Each Rider can consider themselves an ESSENTIAL WORKER

for their chosen Charity delivering Key Frontline Services

raising essential funds for Charities to help our people in need


Riders and their Charities will be subject of a
National Awareness + Fundraising Campaign
It will be promoted by the Charities and
the Team at CBR, working together

The purpose being to maximise fundraising in support of
the Riders and their chosen Charities 

So, which Team will be the First to ENTER

the aptly named



For the Up To Date Official advice on outdoor activity...

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The  Following is what we said in the original EVENT OVERVIEW

[now subject to the above modifications]

The Thames Head Challenge is a unique 130mile cycling challenge starting on the banks of the River Thames at Putney in London, bridging the river all the way back to its very source in the Cotswolds near Cirencester.

It is open to both Solo Riders [riding the whole distance]

This is the Thames Head SOLO

and Team Relay Riders [sharing the whole distance as they choose]

This is the Thames Head RELAY 

The Thames Head Challenge is thus a fun Charity Bike Ride with a unique twist on the norm, providing special memories and talking points long after arrival at the Finish - the Thames Head. 

In planning for 3yrs, the 2020 inaugural Thames Head Challenge is set to be a classic landmark event with places in demand from a wide cross-section of Riders. 

The fully signposted route has been meticulously planned to incorporate iconic buildings and places, stunning scenery and some of the most quintessentially English country lanes to be found in central southern England.  Rider safety is the Organisers' primary concern and is reflected in the chosen route and position of all Stage and Switching-Points. 


The Thames Head Challenge Organisers are CHARITY BIKE RIDES, a group of passionate bike riders with strong support of charitable causes.  The Organisers have been designing and leading events of this kind since 2008 and have amassed a good deal of experience and expertise in the process.

Our Event Details page gives a fuller description of the ride. 

Charit Bike Rides route signposting

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