Sunday 21 June 2020

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


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Up to date advice on outdoor activity is published by the following sources:

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At the time of writing, NO OFFICIAL RESTRICTION that is in place

prevents Riders from taking part in this Event.

That is, Rider TEAMS from the SAME household.


The situation will be constantly monitored and updates will be provided


as well as via the above links

If any Official Restrictions are put in place
preventing Riders from taking part in this Event,
OR we at CBR consider it would be best policy to postpone the Ride,

then postponement will happen

The Ride would be postponed to a date later in the year when
restrictions are lifted and CBR consider it is safe

for the Ride to go ahead 

In such case, there will be no negative impact on Charity fundraising.

Previous or future fundraising will still reach the Charities.

Only the Ride is postponed - and not the benefit!  

Lastly, this is an important point for all of us to consider.

Riders taking part in this Event will be doing so to raise funds for Charity.

At another time, the Event would have been deemed a FUN Ride.

The Covid Breakout Ride is however a WORK Ride.

The Riders being the focus for a national fundraising effort.

For the single pupose of fundraising for Charity.

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