Sunday 20 June 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


Supporting people who are Homeless is our own good cause of choice

We are doing this as part of the Maslow's First Law campaign

In early 2020, the Covid-19 lockdown prompted the government to steer the HOMELESS into hotels for personal safety reasons.  Just as promptly as they have been ushered in, HOMELESS people will now be ushered out again through the revolving lobby doors - at the first breath of safe air - back onto the streets
This temporary fix, for general safety, is no fix at all for people who find themselves HOMELESS.

In this affluent, and apparently advanced society of ours, there truly is no excuse for allowing people to fall through the safety net into near oblivion.  

And some of the people who fall through, include those who have simply found themselves out of work and unable to maintain their rent or mortgage payments. For so many, HOMELESSNESS is just a few pay-cheques away.  

Coming out of lockdown with a severely damaged economy, we WILL be confronted by this outdated feature of our society in far greater numbers than at any time before.  

It is an outdated feature that now demands society’s permanent solution. 
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs makes clear,
that to be our true selves, we all need our basic needs met.  
Having a home is the most basic of those needs along with food and clothes.   

Only when these primary needs are met can any of us - any single one of us - be motivated to become an expression of our true selves.

This campaign - Maslow's First Law - is about changing how we in future, as a society, help people in difficulty and put an end to HOMELESSNESS.
“There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come” - Victor Hugo 


Funds raised by Riders supporting the campaign are held in a separate managed fund overseen by an independent board.  The board will have selected a symbolic 13 charities supporting people who are HOMELESS.  Funds raised by Riders will be distributed among those charities with the supporting Donors having a vote on their own charity of choice.  The same Charities will help lead and spearhead the CHANGE in HOMELESSNESS we all wish to see.  

RIDERS can ride either as a Soloist or as a Team Rider.

Riders enter by taking an INDEPENDENT Place, supporting a Non-Participating Charity.  As mentioned, this campaign is for a selected 13 charities, not just one.

There is NO minimum fundraising target to meet before the date of the Ride. However, Riders and Relay Teams may be invited to be among 13 Teams to be the focus of a National Fundraising Campaign in support of Maslow's First Law.

Invitations will be made according to a combination of criteria, including a Team's own stated motivation for taking part in support of HOMELESS people. 

Riders can reserve their place with a deposit of just £10.

Further details about spreading payments are given when you Book.

Book an INDEPENDENT Place to join the ride in support of Maslow's First Law.


If you decide not to join the Ride, you can still support Maslow's First Law.

You can make a donation to the Fund and have a vote in how the monies are shared between the selected 13 charities working to support HOMELESS people

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