Sunday [TBA] August 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge



Charity Bike Rides is proud to promote support for Homeless people

We are doing this as part of the Maslow's First Law campaign

Funds raised by Riders supporting the campaign are held in a separate managed fund overseen by an independent board.  The board will select a symbolic 13 charities supporting people who are homeless.  Funds raised by Riders will be distributed among those charities with the supporting Donors having a vote on their own charity of choice  

RIDERS can ride either as a Soloist or as a Team Rider.

Riders enter by taking an INDEPENDENT Place, supporting a Non-Participating Charity.  As mentioned, this campaign is for a selected 13 charities, not just one.

There is NO minimum fundraising target to meet before the date of the Ride. However, Riders and Relay Teams may be invited to be among 13 Teams to be the focus of a National Fundraising Campaign in support of Maslow's First Law.

Invitations will be made according to a combination of criteria, including a Team's own stated motivation for taking part in support of Homeless people. 

The Rider Entry cost is £59 until 01May21 when it will rise to £69.

Places can be reserved with a deposit payment of JUST £10.

The balance is payable over 3 equal instalments. 

See details when you Book your place. 

So, you can join the Ride for JUST £10 and start fundraising immediately


If Riders refer others to join the Thames Head Challenge

whether they choose to ride in support of Homeless people or not

a Referral Reward Scheme applies

See Rider Entry Costs and incentives

And finally:

A limited number of Rider Places are available in the Thames Head Challenge.

To avoid disappointment, do register early, both for yourself and any team members joining as a Relay Team.

We thank you for choosing to take part in the Thames Head Challenge

and for choosing to support this cause:

Maslow's First Law

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