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Sunday 22 August 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


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The Thames Head Challenge is a unique 130mile cycling challenge starting on the banks of the River Thames at Putney in London, bridging the river all the way back to its very source in the Cotswolds near Cirencester.


It is open to both Solo Riders [riding the whole distance]

This is the Thames Head SOLO

and Team Relay Riders [sharing the whole distance as they choose]

This is the Thames Head RELAY 

The Thames Head Challenge is thus a fun Charity Bike Ride with a unique twist on the norm, providing special memories and talking points long after arrival at the Finish - the Thames Head. 

In planning for 3yrs, the 2021 inaugural Thames Head Challenge is set to be a classic landmark event with places in demand from a wide cross-section of Riders. 

The fully signposted route has been meticulously planned to incorporate iconic buildings and places, stunning scenery and some of the most quintessentially English country lanes to be found in central southern England.  Rider safety is the Organisers' primary concern and is reflected in the chosen route and position of all Stage and Switching-Points. 


The Thames Head Challenge Organisers are CHARITY BIKE RIDES, a group of passionate bike riders with strong support of charitable causes.  The Organisers have been designing and leading events of this kind since 2008 and have amassed a good deal of experience and expertise in the process.

Our Event Details page gives a fuller description of the ride. 

See Rider Entry Costs for cost summary and incentives.

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