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Sunday 22 August 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


We are delighted to be working with all our Event Partners, each playing key roles in helping to deliver a truly wonderful day for all the Riders, Team Supporters and, not least, the Charities set to benefit 

Putney Embankment, start of the Thmes Head Challenge

The prestigious

London Rowing Club, is our provider of the Start venue at this iconic centre of rowing on the boating slipways of the
River Thames at Putney

Royal Agricultural University Driveway

The magnificent
Royal Agricultural University, is our provider of the Finish venue plus

Overnight B+B accommodation

just south of Cirencester and less than a mile from the marker stone of the Thames Head

our ribi wheel logo.0095.png

The ROTARY organisation

is well known around the world for its support of great causes and joins with us to make a BIG difference to People's lives everywhere  

my racing pig

The on-line sporting goods

retailer, My Racing Pig is the provider of our participants' Reservation channel 

For an Event like the Thames Head Challenge to be staged, so many things have to come together in finely tuned unison.

We therefore also extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who have given or pledged their support for this Event.

Not least among those, are the Riders themselves. 

Charity Bike Rides route signposting
Charity Bike Rides route signposting
Charity Bike Rides route signposting
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