Sunday [TBA] August 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


RIDERS taking a CHARITY PLACE [as a Solo or Team Rider]

Riders pay a registration fee for their CHARITY Place on the Thames Head Challenge.

A CHARITY Place costs £29 until 01May21 when it will rise to £39.  

A limited number of CHARITY Places are available for Riders in the Thames Head Challenge.  To avoid disappointment, please register early, both for yourself and any team members joining as a Relay Team.

By registering for a CHARITY Place, you agree to ride in support of one of our Listed Participating Charities, either riding SOLO or part of a RELAY Team. Depending on the Charity you have chosen, there will be a minimum fundraising target to meet before the date of the ride.  Details of the minimum fundraising targets are given within the information for each Listed Participating Charity.  

We ask that Riders liaise with their chosen Charity soon after registration. Charities are positioned to give Riders help and advice on fundraising.

Our references to Charities means any one of the entities noted below 
•    Registered charities
•    Non-registered Charities
•    Other good causes such as Clubs and Societies

If the Charity you wish to ride for is not a Listed Participating Charity, then please reserve your place by registering for an Independent Place.

Charity Bike Rides route signage

Charity Bike Rides

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