Sunday [TBA] August 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


RIDERS taking a COMPANY PLACE [as a Solo or Team Rider]

This is our RIDERS taking a COMPANY Place channel.

COMPANY Places can be registered either by 
1.    a participating Rider, using the personal registration channel, or by 
2.    the Company, using the Company block-booking registration channel.

Riders choosing this channel pay a registration fee for their COMPANY Place on the Thames Head Challenge.  The registration fee is £29 until 01May21 when it will rise to £39.  Riders may wish to reclaim the fee from their Company.  

A limited number of COMPANY Places are available for Riders in the Thames Head Challenge.  To avoid disappointment, please register early, both for yourself and any team members joining as a Relay Team.

By registering for a COMPANY Place, you agree to ride as a Company entrant, either riding SOLO or part of a RELAY Team.  By your personal registration you are securing your Company’s place/Team on the ride.  Your place and Team however are only confirmed once your Company has paid the remaining balance due.  

Again, please note, Companies can register their Company Riders using the COMPANY block-booking registration channel.

You or your Company may choose to enter the Thames Head Challenge in one of three ways:
1.    In support of the Company's Charity of the Year.

That Charity might be one of our Listed Participating Charities.  

2.    Alternatively, your Company may prefer its Riders to select a Charity/s.

Here the Charities supported are those chosen by the individual Riders.

3.   Your Company may wish to use the Challenge as a Team Building exercise.

No monies need be raised either by Riders or the Company for any Charity.  

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