Sunday [TBA] August 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge


RIDERS taking an INDEPENDENT PLACE [as a Solo or Team Rider]

We know many Riders will wish to participate in this unique and inaugural 130mile Thames Head Challenge simply for the fun of it.  In which case, there is no expectation for them to ride in support of anyone, except themselves and their Relay Team Members.

Riders can Sign-UP for an INDEPENDENT Place

However, Riders wishing to support a CHARITY can do so in one of TWO ways:  

If your chosen Charity is a Participating Charity, then Sign-UP for a CHARITY Place for a reduced registration fee.
Contact us to
check if your chosen Charity is Participating 

If your chosen Charity is a NON-Participating Charity, then Sign-UP for an INDEPENDENT Place, then in your Stage 2 Registration,  indicate the name of your chosen Charity

An INDEPENDENT Place costs £59 until 01May21 when it will rise to £69.

NOTE: A Place can be secured by a DEPOSIT ONLY payment of £10
ALSO: A Family Discount applies to places for cohabiting family members.

See below for Family Discount details.

See again our summary of Rider Entry Costs

and Referral incentives!

If you take an INDEPENDENT Place and choose to support a NON-Participating Charity, there is no minimum fundraising commitment.  You will raise whatever you are able or decide to raise, in the time available before the Ride.


1. Riding in support of a Charity includes any one of the entities below:

  • Registered Charities

  • Non-registered Charities

  • Other good causes such as Schools, Clubs and Societies

2. If after a Rider registers for an INDEPENDENT Place their chosen Charity becomes a Listed Participating Charity, the Rider can choose to convert their INDEPENDENT Place to a CHARITY Place.
In such an event, two things will happen: 


Riders are eligible for a Family Discount if they are family members residing at the same address.  See Rider Entry Costs.  

Family Discount applies to INDEPENDENT Places ONLY

[Solo or Team Riders].

Family Discount does not apply to
 CHARITY Places or COMPANY Places.


A limited number of INDEPENDENT Places are available.  To avoid disappointment, please do register early, both for yourself and fellow Relay Team Members.

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