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Sunday 22 August 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge



This is our Schools block-booking Reservation channel.

The information below is for Schools wishing to
participate in the event.


The Thames Head Challenge is open to all Schools, Charities and good causes.

Our references to Schools include any of the entities below: 
•    Special Schools

•    Primary Schools
•    Secondary Schools

•    INCLUDING Specific School Funding Projects

The Thames Head Challenge is an excellent opportunity for Schools to enlist keen, adventurous and energetic supporters in the goal of raising funds for their School. 

The Royal Agricultural University, our magnificent Finish Venue in Cirencester, affords a large, private and safe space for picnics and games on grass.  It is the perfect spot for all non-riding supporters to join us for a magical and fun-filled afternoon culminating in a BIG welcome home for the Riders.

We will be delighted if your School joins us in this, the inaugural Thames Head Challenge 2021, linking schools along the 130miles of the beautiful Thames corridor.

Driveway, Royal Agricultural University
Aerial view, Royal Agricultural University
Daffodils at the Royal Agricultural University
CBR Field.1082.0054 r25.jpg

The Thames Head Challenge is completely unique in concept but totally familiar in format as a one-day Charity Bike Ride.  Seeing the Thames from end2end, either as a Soloist or a Relay Team Rider, gives supporters a truly great event to take part in. It is an event which will be talked about for many months afterwards, by all those involved on the day.

Our goal is to stage for your School an event which is not only immense fun for your Riders but, is a total success from a School fundraising viewpoint.  As Organisers, we will help you along the way with media input in terms of promotional images, media copy and other marketing materials. 

CBR THC JERSEY 5F.Sch.dcw.0224.png
CBR THC JERSEY 5M.Sch.dcw.0224.png

On every day leading up to the event, we are here and available to support your School to make the very most of this excellent fundraising opportunity!

Your School Package comprises:
•    A School Team Place [available for up to 4 Riders per Team]
•    The cost per Team Place is £399 [max ONE Team per School]
•    A Team can comprise 1, 2, 3 or 4 Riders


NOTE:    Team Places can be secured by a DEPOSIT ONLY payment of £100

Your School will be: 
•    Identified as a Participating School in the Event
•    Given access to marketing images, video and promotional media copy
•    Included in promotional material shared with all media channels  

Additionally, your School will be invited to: 
•    Attend the START in Putney to support your own Riders
•    Be special guests of ours - the Organisers - in a celebration at the FINISH 


In summary, the benefits of participating include:

  • Fundraising opportunities for your School and its activities

  • Typically, Riders in similar events raise as much as £500 each

  • We anticipate Schools will benefit by the involvement of the celebrity Riders

Reservation of School Team Places can be done online.
There is a short form to complete as part of the Reservation process.

On Reservation, Schools can elect to pay either:
•    In FULL or by DEPOSIT - for a limited time ONLY

•    Online by card or... 
•    By requesting an invoice for settlement within 14days


Charity Bike Rides, as Organisers, have partnered with MY RACING PIG to process  online Reservations and card payments for the 2021 Thames Head Challenge.

Invoices will be issued by Charity Bike Rides and sent to the email address provided by the School's Event Registrant.  

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•    Further information will be requested by email from the person named as the

registrant for the School.

•    We will send you a bespoke Rider Sign-Up link which can be sent to all your 

Riders and potentially interested Riders.

They can use this link to register as a School Team Rider.

•    We will confirm your Team Riders, once they are registered, who will become the

focus for your School's fundraising campaign.

•    We will send you details of our event marketing plan plus the PR and marketing

material mentioned above for your School’s own use.

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Charity Bike Rides signage
Charity Bike Rides route signposting
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