Sunday 20 June 2021

A unique 130 mile cycling challenge



This is our Charities block-booking Registration channel.

The information below is for Charities wishing to
participate in the event.


The Thames Head Challenge is open to all Charities and good causes.

Our references to Charities include any of the entities below: 
•    Registered Charities
•    Non-registered Charities
•    Other good causes such as Schools, Clubs and Societies


The Thames Head Challenge is an excellent opportunity for Charities to enlist keen, adventurous and energetic supporters in the goal of raising funds for their cause. 

We will be delighted if your Charity joins us in this, the inaugural Thames Head Challenge 2021.

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The Thames Head Challenge is completely unique in concept but totally familiar in format as a one-day Charity Bike Ride.  Seeing the Thames from end2end, either as a Soloist or a Relay Team Rider, gives supporters a truly great event to take part in. It is an event which will be talked about for many months afterwards, by all those involved on the day.

Our goal is to stage for your Charity an event which is not only immense fun for your Riders but, is a total success from a fundraising and PR viewpoint.  As Organisers, we will help you along the way with any marketing planning advice needed, plus media input in terms of promotional images, media copy and other marketing materials. 

On every day leading up to the event, we are here and available to support your Charity to make the very most of this excellent fundraising opportunity!

In particular, your Charity Package comprises:
•    Charity Places available in blocks of 4 [4 Riders]
•    The cost per Place equates to £59 [£236 for 4 Riders]
•    One FREE Place is available for every 12 Places taken up by Riders
•    Places can be allocated to Solo Riders and/or Teams of 2, 3 or 4 Riders 

NOTE:    4 Places can be secured by a DEPOSIT ONLY payment of £65

Your Charity will be: 
•    identified as a Participating Charity in the Event
•    given access to marketing images, video and promotional media copy
•    included in promotional material shared with all media channels  

Additionally, your Charity will be invited to: 
•    attend the START in Putney to support your own Riders
•    take a display pitch [in the Event Village] at the FINISH in Cirencester 
•    take a Rider support pitch in Wallingford – at the Mid-Ride Point
•    be special guests of ours - the Organisers - on the Event Day 


In summary, the benefits of participating include:

  • PR opportunities for your Charity and its activities

  • Boosted charity fundraising - potentially over a long period

  • Excellent ROI - typically, Riders in similar events raise over £500 each

We understand that your supporting Riders are most important to you and for a number of reasons.  Due to this, we will look after them in the way you would wish us to, providing for them, as well as your own Support Team and indeed everyone, a safe, unforgettable and joyous experience on the day!

Charities can register their Charity Places online.
There is a short form to complete as part of the Registration process.

At Registration, Charities can elect to pay either:
•    in FULL or by DEPOSIT ONLY with our instalment plan

•    Online by card or 
•    Request an invoice for settlement within 14days


Charity Bike Rides, as Organisers, have partnered with MY RACING PIG to process Registrations and online card payments for the 2021 Thames Head Challenge.

Invoices will be issued by Charity Bike Rides and sent to the email address provided by the Charity's Event Registrant.  


•    Further information will be requested by email from the person named as the

Registrant for the Charity.

•    We will send you a bespoke Rider Sign-Up link which can be sent to all

potential Riders and supporters interested in taking part.

•    We will send you details of our Event Marketing Plan plus the marketing and

PR material mentioned above for your Charity’s own use.

•    We will send you a report detailing the identity of Riders taking a Place for

your Charity so your Charity can keep track of supporters' Registrations.

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